What Is The First Food To Give To Your Baby Aside From The Breast Milk?

The breast milk is the only food that contains all the nutrients needed for the growth of infants aged 0-6 months. However, after the age of 6 months, baby’s nutritional needs are increasing and cannot be fully fulfilled by the breast milk. After reaching the age of 6 months, in addition to breast milk babies also need to get complementary breast milk. At this age, the baby’s digestive system is also ready to receive food other than the breast milk. Babies also have chewing reflexes. Go to www.babynaturafood.com for the related information.

Provision of complementary food for breast milk is carried out in stages, from soft textured foods (milk porridge, then filtered porridge), mushy (regular porridge, then team rice), to solid foods (plain rice), according to the baby’s age level. Regarding what food is first allowed to be introduced to the baby, it can be anything, depending on the child’s response. Get fruit first or source of carbohydrates first. What is important is first introduced to children. If the child doesn’t like it, don’t stop immediately because the child needs to adapt to the taste of the new food