What Can Be Expected from Chiropractic Treatment

After going through a thorough examination, the bone massage expert will make a treatment plan that suits your condition. After assessing your health, spinal conditions, level of injury, and overall long-term goals, a bone massager will discuss your treatment plan before starting the process. Aside from that, don’t forget to check out the recommended chiropractor santa monica as well.

As already mentioned, the treatment of bone massage uses a no-drug approach. The essence of this method is the treatment and adjustment of care which includes the use of energy, direction, influence, speed, and magnitude precisely on the bones, muscles, and joints. Most cases focus on adjusting the spine, but depending on your condition, treatment of the ankles, wrists, knees, shoulders, and elbows can also be done to improve and even improve the function of each part. Ask your experts to massage your bones to use gentle hand pressure and smooth movements with varying pressure levels to produce the necessary adjustments. As long as this painless process takes place, usually the sound of bone is straightened.

This health care starts from the idea that the proper body structure influences the maximum function of each limb. Therefore, there will usually be some physical adjustments during the process. Chiropractic care may take several days or maybe several months, depending on the recommended treatment plan.

Bone massage treatments often involve a variety of equipment, including adjustment tables, mechanical instruments, the use of hot and cold compresses, support tools for shoes, electrical stimuli, rehabilitative exercises, and nutritional supplements, for the best results.

Is this procedure safe?

Bone massage is known as one of the safest and drug-free therapies for musculoskeletal problems. Although so far the record of the success of this process is still quite satisfactory, some minor risks are often associated with the treatment of bone massage. After treatment is complete, patients may experience a slight discomfort and pain, but they will disappear in just one or two days.