The rules in sending SMS to customers

Sending SMS marketing is considered more powerful to disseminate information or attract interest. However, sending SMS must also follow the existing rules so that they are still in a safe corridor of law, industry rules, and attract customers. Meanwhile, you may visit when you need simple numbers for your business.

Then now let’s look at 5 rules for sending SMS to customers:

1. Approval

Before sending an SMS, we must get approval first. Because without consent, we can face some bad things like getting legal fines, damaging the brand, and also certainly making our customers angry. Some of the benefits that will be obtained by getting approval in advance are our marketing SMS is legal and the guarantee that our SMS will be replied to by the customer because we sent an SMS to the customer who agreed to get the SMS from us.

2. Frequency

Don’t send SMS too often. Nobody likes to be texted too often. At the very least, send 2-4 SMS in one month, more than that will irritate our customers. Tell the customer clearly how many SMS we will send in one month. This notification can be delivered via automatic purchase email confirmation or automatic extension email confirmation.

3. Unsubscribe

Give choices to our customers to unsubscribe or unsubscribe from receiving our SMS. We will never know if our customers feel annoyed with the text we sent, or whether our customers have stopped using our services. By giving this menu, we have given our customers a free and comfortable feeling that the SMS they receive is according to their wishes.

4. Language

Use professional language to send SMS to our customers. Never use SMS abbreviations or non-standard languages such as “nope” for “no” or “m0rn!n9” for “morning”. Use professional standard words to maintain our customers’ trust and maintain our company image.

5. Value

Send valuable SMS. Never send “fun” or useless SMS, because our customer has agreed to get our SMS. So, we must maintain the trust of our customers by sending valuable messages to our customers. Examples of valuable SMS are notification of discounts, saving promos, important notifications, event reminders, and other valuable information.