Simple tricks for taking care of your car.

Vbelt or engine belt will wear out when it reaches the usage kilometer limit and will affect engine performance. Know if there is a crack, and check how long the belt must be replaced. The belt breaks when the car doesn’t run because it could just make the car engine badly damaged or even destroyed. Aside from that, you can go to and rent a car when yours isn’t available.

Use the appropriate type of gasoline

If the manufacturer recommends high-octane and lead-free gasoline, don’t let you violate these guidelines. This means that your car engine already uses a more complicated fuel system such as EFI, which requires unleaded gasoline or dirt that can make it clogged and fail to work. For older cars that use carburetors, the premium may still be okay for your car’s engine.

Don’t Overdo Filling Gasoline, Plus Don’t Too Little

Filling a full tank can cause seepage on the tank lid, and in some cases, it might be riskier. In addition, the amount of gasoline in the tank that is almost exhausted can cause dirt deposits in the tank to be sucked by the gas pump, which can cause the pump to clog, jam or cause blockage in the injection system.

So fill in the fuel, especially just enough gasoline. If it’s full, tell the gas station attendant not to overflow or reach the neck of the tank channel.

Drain the Gas Tank

If you often use premium gasoline, the dirt deposits on the bottom of your car tank can accumulate faster. As explained above, the accumulation of dirt that is consumed by the gas pump can make the engine stop working or die. It is recommended to drain the tank of gasoline cars every 3 years, especially if you often use lead-containing gasoline (usually premium).

Car Parking in a shaded Place

Extreme solar heat in the dry season can make the inside of your car hot and also evaporate your gasoline from the tank. For that, park your car under the shade of a building or trees if possible. Use a good ultraviolet light protector so that the sun’s heat does not enter all of it directly into the car.