People who suffer from meth withdrawal can’t feel happiness

When meth addicts stop using, the dopamine and dopamine receptors available in the brain will drop dramatically. That is, meth addicts who experience drug withdrawal symptoms will be trapped in anhedonia state, aka the inability to feel pleasure. Aside from that, check out to find an excellent facility to cure those who suffer from drugs abuse.


Anhedonia will make these individuals live like zombies. General things that can make someone feel happy will not have any impact on users of methamphetamine and have just undergone rehabilitation. Plus, it takes at least two years to stay clean until the dopamine function that has been damaged by meth can return to work as usual. This anhedonia condition can cause former methamphetamine drug users who are still struggling with depression to return to relapse. The chemical content in meth will cause a return of a surge in dopamine in the brain that can help him recover from life like an undead.

How to deal with the meth withdrawal

Although symptoms can disappear a few weeks after the last symptoms, patients can experience serious difficulties trying to overcome the symptoms of psychosis without the help of others.

Addiction and symptoms of the crystal meth are very difficult to overcome, especially through independent therapy. The only best way to achieve complete recovery is to report to a hospital or rehabilitation center for meth detoxification, where it will go through a comprehensive care plan.

Rehab therapy will differ depending on each individual. However, if the symptoms of shingles are considered severe enough, there may be further treatment measures, such as:

Treatment of psychosis using antipsychotic drugs.
Treatment of depression that lasts more than two weeks with antidepressants.
Treatment of anxiety disorders with non-benzodiazepine sedatives.
Treatment of mania that lasts more than two weeks with antimanic drugs (lithium).
Sleeping pills for 1-2 weeks.
Full supervision of suicidal tendencies …