Off-Page SEO: Building Links and Popularity

Off-page SEO is a search engine optimization effort from outside the website. Optimizing from within a website, or on-page SEO is often not enough to get a high ranking in search results. Especially for new websites that do not have an audience, unless the competition is low enough. To get the best service, you can visit new york seo.

Why are backlinks so important?
To understand the importance of off-page SEO, I will explain a little about the relationship between search engines and links. Search engines like Google have a bot that is responsible for crawling on the internet. Google’s crawler is called Googlebot

Googlebot moves from the website to the website through the links listed on each page of the website. From the data collected by Googlebot, indexes and rankings of websites are compiled. Because Googlebot uses links as navigation, websites that have external links will get high priority. The more and the higher the quality of the link, the better the ranking of the website will be. This is why links from other websites (backlinks) play an important role in SEO.

Off-page SEO has a dark side in it. There are people who want to raise their website rankings but are too lazy to create quality content and do marketing, instead, they only rely on link building. Link building is supporting website content, without having good content, you should not do link building. Because besides being useless, the result can be a punishment from Google.

A good link building process is always related to marketing and content marketing. Not through spamming and using bots or automation software. There are several forms of backlinks that search engines don’t like because they are often misused. Here are some of them:

– Exchange links. A very popular way in the mid to late 2000s, exchanging links directly does not provide positive benefits anymore.

– Buy links & use backlink services. Buying links is indeed possible to increase rankings quickly but usually won’t last long because you will be penalized by Google.