Easy Ways to Save Money

Many people want to live frugally by reducing monthly expenses, but the temptation is always to come over so that it is not uncommon to spend money on something insignificant. You can visit Finansis to get tips related to your personal finance.

Beyond that, maybe you have a disturbing feeling that you must set aside some money for emergencies. However, when the current economic situation, it seems that it has completely suppressed the cost of living, so saving can be an extra-heavy struggle. How can you save without forgetting attention to the other needs of your life?

1. Learning Discipline in Managing Money

Managing finance is not difficult but needs a basic understanding of financial terms. It’s good to know what cash flow, ROI, IRA and so on. Thus, awareness to live frugally is higher. No need to read books, all financial terms can be learned directly for free via the internet.

2. Creating an Alternative Account

Actually, it’s not so difficult to hide money. Simply create an alternative savings account without ATM card access. Every time a savings account receives a monthly salary, immediately transfer a certain nominal to an alternative savings account or just activate the automatic transfer option so it doesn’t bother sending manually. So that money in alternative savings is not used at all, do a passbook print every 4-5 months. Every time you receive a bonus, immediately deposit immediately and if the monthly income rises, then the nominal paid up must also increase.

3. Record Periodic Expenditures and Evaluations

In addition to caring about income, try to pay attention to expenses. Take paper and pencil, then record all expenses in a month. Try an in-depth analysis of all expenses and find out if there are sectors that can be suppressed or deleted because they are not important. Pressing monthly expenses is the most effective way to save money.

4. Search for Friends or Family Members who are One Vision, Partner Support is absolutely necessary

In order to be more enthusiastic and controlled in an effort to save expenses, ask for support and participation of partners. A housewife must involve all family members to feel frugal life. With the involvement of all parties, monthly expenditure is easier to control.