Better You Know How to Care Soapstone Before You Use It As a Countertops

Soapstone countertops is an alternative to granite. After learning about the benefits of soapstone, which is heat resistance, slowly people start to switch to soapstone. The kitchen has the main function for serving food, so you don’t have to think again if you want to put hot furniture on top of soapstone countertops. Besides heat resistance, soapstone is easier to clean using any liquid. This is because soapstone does not have pores, so it will not leave marks on the sidelines.

Even though soapstone is a durable ingredient, you still need to take care of it. You must know how to treat good soapstone countertops. Here are the things you need to know about soapstone countertops treatments:

– Scratches on soapstone
Although soapstone has the strength equivalent to granite, it is still prone to scratches. If you accidentally scratch the surface of the countertops, don’t panic! You only need to sand to delete and return to the original form. Some people usually panic when they see scratches on new countertops. If you experience this too, it is most likely not a scratch but only a transfer of mineral oil. You only need to rub using your fingers.

– Use soap and water
Don’t use mineral oil too often for soapstone countertops. Usually, it will change the color to be darker and look more gloomy. But if you already do it, you only need water and soap to clean. The two objects are able to brighten the surface of the countertops. In addition to using water and soap, you can use a chemical-based cleanser to remove mineral oil. But you should be careful because countertops consist of food to be eaten. Don’t poison you or your family.

– When soapstone turns gray
Don’t panic to see soapstone countertops tend to turn gray when you are aging. Usually, the appearance will be more attractive, so you don’t need to replace it. It took a long time for soapstone to turn gray. Provided with proper care.